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    About Attila-Tek

Attila-Tek was founded in 2002 by Jim and Naly Lowder. President and CEO Naly Lowder served as Chief Financial Officer at the inception of Attila-Tek, taking over as CEO when Jim accepted a corporate IT executive position in 2008. Mrs. Lowder earned a certificate in Integrated Circuit Mask Design from the International Technological University, Santa Clara, California, and is certified in small business bookkeeping from San Diego City College.

Attila-Tek co-founder Jim Lowder serves as Chief Operating Officer, vice president, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst for Attila-Tek. He is also a former Naval Aviator with the call sign "Attila," hence, "Attila-Tek." Mr. Lowder (CISSP, FITSP-Auditor) has served in government and private sector technical, aviation, managerial and executive IT and cybersecurity positions for more than thirty years.

Naly and Jim Lowder
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